Preliminary draft charging schedule

We have developed a preliminary draft charging schedule which introduces charge variations by geographical zone within its area, by land use, or both. The proceeds will be paid directly to parish and town councils and can be used to back the community's priorities - for example to re-roof a village hall, refurbish a municipal pool or take over a community pub.

Neighbourhoods which have taken a proactive approach by drawing up a neighbourhood development plan, and securing the consent of local people in a referendum, will receive 25 per cent of the revenues from the Community Infrastructure Levy arising from the development that they choose to accept; whereas communities without a Neighbourhood Plan will receive 15 per cent of revenues from the CIL.

Based on the results of the economic viability assessment, the council views that the use of differential rates, based on the different uses of development is appropriate for Herefordshire's preliminary draft charging schedule. Although differential rates are proposed, these have been kept as straightforward as possible.

View the preliminary draft charging schedule March 2016