Schools Library Service - primary schools

The Schools Library Service is available to all schools in Herefordshire and the borders of neighbouring counties: Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire, Powys, Shropshire and Worcestershire.

Schools can access a wide range of books and resources to support classroom teaching across the curriculum, develop literacy and reading skills, and encourage reading for pleasure.

With over 60,000 key curriculum and popular reading titles at all levels, our books are chosen by qualified librarians and experienced library staff. New titles and topics are added over the year so we can supply high quality, current resources when you need them.

You can subscribe to the service annually or access our services on a pay-as-you-go basis.

What do we offer?

Project sets - to support curriculum learning

  • Request topics of your choice (subject to availability), from Early Years to Year 6
  • Sets contain 30 books per project, carefully selected by staff. Multiple copies may be included so every pupil has access to key titles
  • Sets can contain non-fiction or fiction books, or a mixture of both

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Artefact collections - to enhance learning with hands-on experience

  • Request collections from a selection of topics
  • Sets contain a range of objects and 15 books

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Fiction collection - to support reading skills and reading for pleasure

  • Request mixed fiction titles to support the development of key literacy skills and a lifelong love of reading, from Early Years to Year 6
  • Books are on loan for one academic year so pupils can access and exchange them over the year to support their reading development
  • Can be used as a whole school library or split into classroom collections

Special collections - targeted collections to support pupil needs

In addition to our standard project sets, we can create special collections to support additional needs, health and wellbeing, and reading promotions.

Examples include:

  • Reading Well mental health support
  • Dual language picture books or foreign language fiction
  • Targeted fiction collections (for example, a selection of Michael Morpurgo or Roald Dahl titles, or books set during the Second World War)
  • Multiple copy sets for class reading

Special collections can be supplied as a project set within a subscription package or purchased as an add-on collection. They can also be purchased by non-subscribing schools on a pay-as-you-go basis. They can be ordered at any time in the school year, subject to availability.

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