Physical disabilities

Children may experience ill health at some point during their early years and others may have an ongoing medical condition or disability that potentially impairs their ability to access childcare. In the majority of cases, childcare settings are able to support children in such circumstances effectively. Support and training is available for the setting from the early years advisory team. You can also check how accessible schools are on our school accessibility pages.

Specialist equipment for children with physical difficulties or significant health needs to access childcare

All settings are expected to make reasonable adjustments to include children with physical disabilities and medical needs in their setting. They should provide low cost aids, such as resources to develop gross motor skills/balance, low sand and water trays, and toileting equipment such as steps, seats, hand rails or similar, up to the value of £300. For more specialist equipment such as standing frames, hoists or specialist seats, the setting should contact the early years advisory team.

The Occupational Therapist (OT) will make an assessment of the child's equipment needs in the childcare setting and make a recommendation to the council. Once we agree to the recommendations it is our responsibility to ensure that the equipment is provided.