Social, emotional and mental health difficulties

Children should not be excluded from a childcare setting because the staff are finding their behaviour challenging. Some children will need individual support with contributions from a range of professionals (such as health visitor, early years specialist teacher); this may involve a child having an Individual Behaviour Plan.

If your child is at risk of being asked to leave childcare because of their behaviour please contact the early years advisory team:

Early years behaviour strategy leaflets for parents and practitioners

We have a range of leaflets designed to help both parents and those working with or caring for their children:

  • Active ignoring
  • Biting - information leaflet about why it happens and how to stop it
  • Biting - What to do if your child has been bitten at pre-school
  • Changing children's behaviour
  • Getting the message across -giving clear instructions
  • Letting off steam
  • Tempers and tantrums
  • Using time out effectively

View and download the behaviour strategy leaflets

Support for behaviour issues in school

Primary and secondary schools will have their own strategies in place for supporting pupils with behaviour issues, and in addition they may call upon the Behaviour support team.