Managing pupil and performance information

Managing pupil information

Herefordshire Council manages its responsibilities as laid out in the Data Protection Act carefully and can support all schools in managing and maintaining pupil records in accordance with the law. The appropriate keeping and sharing of the data allows all schools to work in partnership with the council and other organisations while it enables the council to provide and commission the best possible services to schools.

Privacy notices

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, all public organisations that hold personal information about people are responsible for informing those people of the type of information they hold and what they do with it. Schools, therefore, should inform all pupils and staff of the information being held about them and the fact that this is shared with the local authority and the Department for Education.

The Department for Education expect schools to meet this requirement of the Data Protection Act by issuing a privacy notice, outlining what they do with the information they hold and linking to privacy notices of the organisations they share data with.

For privacy notice templates visit the Data protection: privacy notice model documents page on GOV.UK.

Herefordshire Council's Children's wellbeing services privacy notice clarifies for parents, carers and young people, how we use pupil data within the council.

Performance data accounts

We manage the following accounts on behalf of Herefordshire's schools.

Fischer Family Trust

Providing data analysis to schools to assist the target setting process and evaluate whole school performance. Herefordshire's licence is renewed annually on 1 April.

Analyse School Performance

Gives access to detailed performance data that was previously available on RAISEonline. Access to the service is via the Department for Education's Secure Access portal.