Licences and accounts for schools

We manage a number of licences and accounts on behalf of Herefordshire's schools, some of which are then charged back to the schools. By procuring the licences in this way schools receive a discount on the cost of procuring them separately and/or are relieved of having to administer the licenses themselves. For more information about the licences please follow the links to the websites of each of the licensing authorities. A guide to copyright in schools can be found on the copyright in schools website.

Schools are free to opt in or out of group licences.


Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI)

Covers the reproduction of words and/or music of hymns and worship songs. Herefordshire's licence is renewed annually on 1 January.

Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)

Covers the photocopying or scanning extracts from printed books, journals or magazines or copying from digital publications and websites for teaching or training, including the creation of transparencies. The Department for Education administers the licence directly with all schools, and the local authority have no further involvement.

Educational Recording Agency (ERA)

Covers the recording of radio or television broadcasts for educational purposes. No licence is needed (ERA or TV Licence) to watch streamed content online (for example through 4OD or BBC iPlayer) as long as it is watched at least 30 minutes after the time it was broadcast. This, therefore, doesn't cover the live streaming of television programmes. Herefordshire's licence is renewed annually on 1 April.

Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL)

Covers incidences where copyrighted music is used within school including:

  • The recording of a school concert, play or other event
  • School discos, fetes or for keep fit/aerobic classes that the school is being hired out for
  • The use of a radio, TV, CD player or other device in administration offices or staff rooms
  • On hold on your telephone system
  • Within a school play, an end of term concert or recital involving live or recorded music that is attended by family or friends

Herefordshire's licence is renewed annually on 1 April.

TV Licensing

Covers the watching or recording (on any type of recording device) of television programmes as they're being shown on TV at a school or college. As stated under the ERA licence, content which is streamed at least 30 minutes after it was transmitted on television can be watched and recorded without any licence.

Herefordshire's licence is renewed annually on 1 December.


Fischer Family Trust

Providing data analysis to schools to assist the target setting process and evaluate whole school performance. Herefordshire's licence is renewed annually on 1 April.

Analyse School Performance

Gives access to detailed performance data that was previously available on RAISEonline. Access to the service is via the Department for Education's Secure Access portal.