The Virtual School exists to help Looked After Children (LAC) do as well as they possibly can in their education. We work with teachers in all the schools across Herefordshire (and beyond) where looked after children attend. We make sure that they have up to date information on children and check that there is appropriate support available.

All looked after children should have a Personal Education Plan (PEP) which should be reviewed on a termly basis. Through the PEP, we monitor progress, highlight gaps and identify interventions to improve outcomes.

In particular, the Virtual School role includes making sure that:

  • Looked after children are admitted promptly to schools and that, once started, they flourish through good attendance and the best academic attainment and progress
  • We know how well looked after children are doing at school and intervening when we see they need extra support e.g. for children with Special Educational Needs
  • We work with teachers in schools to give looked after children access to the best possible expertise to help them succeed. Where appropriate we will challenge colleagues to meet the highest expectations for all our looked after children and to address underachievement
  • We take every opportunity to celebrate and highlight the successes of looked after children across Herefordshire
  • We work with fellow professionals and adults to ensure excellent outcomes for looked after children are not jeopardised if things are difficult. This includes where a child might be at risk of exclusion or if a school move is necessary for whatever reason.

All schools must have a designated teacher for looked after children. The Virtual School provides training and support to enable the designated teachers to carry out their role.

View guidance for designated teachers for looked after children

LAC Pupil Premium

Children who are looked after by Herefordshire Council receive LAC Pupil Premium. The conditions of grant state that the Virtual School Headteacher must manage the pupil premium including devolving this funding to schools as appropriate. Schools must detail in the Personal Education Plan how they will use the Pupil Premium to benefit the individual looked after child.

View the Pupil Premium - conditions of grant 2016/17            

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