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Severe weather conditions - Flooding

Herefordshire is experiencing significant and widespread flooding. Please avoid any unnecessary travel and do not enter flood water.

Stray or lost dogs

A stray dog is any dog that appears to be without its owner and is straying on public or other land. If the dog needs urgent medical treatment, you can contact Belmont Vets on 01432 370155.

If you find a stray dog without any identification, call us on 01432 261761 and provide us with some information. The more information you can provide, the better the chance of us being able to reunite a dog with its owner. We will contact you as soon as possible (this may be the next working day if out-of-hours) to arrange collection. Please note we are only able to collect dogs between Mon-Fri 9am-3pm.

Our holding kennels will keep the dog until either the owner comes forward or until the dog has been in our care for seven days. After seven days the dog will be passed on to our re-homing facility.

If you have lost a dog

If you have lost your dog, contact us on 01432 261761 on Monday to Friday - 9am to 4.15pm. We will need a description of your dog, your contact details and where you lost your dog. You may also wish to call your local vets and animal rescue centres, as the person who found the dog may have contacted these first. If your dog is held as a stray at our holding kennels you will need to pay the council a collection and administration fee of £55 for the first 24 hours and a kennel fee of £13.50 a day thereafter, before the animal will be released to you. There may also be additional costs of veterinary treatment.