Flu vaccination

Have you had your flu vaccine yet?

Free NHS flu vaccinations are being offered to all eligible groups from October 2017 and we are encourage those residents to get their free flu jab this autumn. The flu jab is an annual one-off vaccine, which changes every year to fight the latest strains of flu, so even if you had a jab last winter, you need another one this year to stay flu safe!

Adult flu vaccine

Please don't underestimate flu and the impact it can have on those who are most vulnerable. Make an appointment today, if you are in one of the following groups:

You can receive the flu injection free of charge from either your GP or one of the local participating community pharmacies below: 


  • Rowlands Pharmacy - 35 High Street, Bromyard  HR7 4AF


  • Colwall Pharmacy - Fletton House, Walwyn Road, Colwall WR13 6QG


  • Asda - Belmont Road, Hereford HR2 7JE
  • Boots - 12-13 High Street, Hereford HR4 9AA
  • Chave and Jackson - 6-7 Broad Street, Hereford HR4 9AE
  • Day Lewis Pharmacy - 96 Grandstand Road, Hereford HR4 9NR
  • Lloyds Pharmacy - King's Street, Hereford HR4 9BW
  • Lloyds Pharmacy in Sainsbury's Store, Barton Yard, Hereford HR4 0AG
  • Morrisons - In-store pharmacy, Station Approach, Hereford HR1 1DN
  • Rowlands Pharmacy - Gorsty Lane, Hereford HR1 1UN
  • Taylors Pharmacy, St Owen's Street, Hereford HR1 2JB
  • Tesco - Tesco in-store pharmacy, 1 Fryzer Court, Bewell Street, Hereford HR4 0BW
  • Tesco - Tesco Stores, Abbotsmead Road, Belmont Hereford HR2 7XS


  • Rowlands Pharmacy - 42 High Street, Kington HR5 3BJ


  • Day Lewis Pharmacy - 2 Sear House, Bye Street, Ledbury HR8 2AA


  • Boots - 18 Corn Square, Leominster HR6 8LR
  • Westfield Walk Pharmacy - Westfield Walk, Leominster HR6 8HD


  • Boots - 5 Market Place, Ross-on-Wye HR9 5NX

If you are not in an eligible group, but would still like to receive the vaccination, some community pharmacies provide vaccinations privately. It will cost in the region of £5 to £14 depending on the pharmacy. To find out more, contact your nearest pharmacy.

Children's flu vaccine

Flu can be a very unpleasant illness for children, with potentially serious complications, including bronchitis and pneumonia, so it is important that they receive the vaccination.

To help protect children against flu the annual nasal spray flu vaccine (no needles) is offered free on the NHS to:

  • Children aged two and three on 31 August 2017 - that is, children born between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2015
  • Children in reception class and school years one, two, three and four
  • Children aged 2 to 17 with long-term health conditions

To find out more about which children are eligible and who will provide the vaccination, please visit the NHS Choices website.

Myth buster

The flu vaccine cannot give you flu!

The injected flu vaccine contains inactivated, or killed, strains of the flu virus and therefore cannot cause flu. Read more about how the flu jab works.

The nasal spray flu vaccine for children contains live, but weakened forms of flu virus, but again this vaccine does not cause flu. Read more about how the children's flu nasal vaccine works.

If children are worried about the vaccination, it's important to reassure them that there are no needles involved, just a quick and painless nasal spray. NHS Choices has a short animated film available, which might make children feel more comfortable about having the vaccination.