Road safety in schools and colleges

Junior Road Safety Officers

The Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) scheme has been running successfully since 2001. The aim is to empower children to highlight road safety issues within their school. Every new academic year, we invite primary schools to nominate two year 6 pupils to become JRSOs for their school. Each JRSO receives a certificate, badge and a pack with ideas on how to deliver the road safety messages.
The chosen pupils:

  • Promote road safety to the rest of the school 
  • Raise awareness of road safety to parents and teachers 
  • Raise awareness of local road safety issues 
  • Provide a link between the council's road safety team and the pupils

Road safety and pedestrian training

We deliver road safety talks to all primary schools. The talks generally last about one hour and involve discussion, a DVD and activities for the pupils. The topics discussed depend on the age of the pupils. For reception, year 1 and year 2 we discuss why it is important not to cross the road on their own, who to cross with, the importance of holding hands and the meaning of STOP, LOOK, LISTEN. For older pupils we discuss risk taking and discuss the Green Cross Code. Pupils are given road safety handouts at the end of the session.

We deliver practical pedestrian training for year 3 pupils in three sessions:

  • Week 1 is an hour theory session which includes discussion, DVD and worksheets
  • Week 2 is a practical session which takes around one and a half hours, depending on the number of pupils in the class. The pupils carry out a practice walk of the route
  • Week 3 is the practical assessed walk and takes around one and a half hours

Each child is given a numbered hi-vis vest to wear during the practical session. After they have completed the assessed walk they will each receive a certificate and a Highway Code book for young road users and a booklet for parents. During weeks 2 and 3, we will need a number of adult helpers to assist with the practical sessions and we ask the school to arrange these. The number of helpers will depend on the route.