The Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy was adopted in October 2015. This sets out the overall vision, objectives and spatial strategy for Herefordshire. The Hereford Area Plan (HAP) will set out the detailed proposals to ensure delivery of the targets in the Core Strategy specifically for Hereford. Consultation on the key issues and options in the early stages of the preparation of this document was carried out in 2017. View the Hereford Area Plan and Hereford Transport Package consultation.

A consultation statement including summary of responses is now available to view.

View the consultation results

New housing is a key policy area for which we must ensure delivery within the HAP. The three strategic housing sites at Three Elms, Holmer West and Lower Bullingham identified in the Core Strategy will account for a significant proportion of the city's housing growth target for the plan period. It will be the task of the HAP to identify further deliverable site allocations to aid the delivery of the remainder of the target to 2031 (3,200 dwellings).

The next stage in the preparation of the plan will be public consultation on housing site options. This will start in early 2018.

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