Rural Areas Site Allocation Development Plan Document (RASA DPD) issues and options consultation

The Rural Areas Sites Allocation Development Plan Document (RASA DPD) is seeking to provide a policy framework and growth proposals to support the delivery of the Herefordshire Core Strategy for those market towns or parishes which are not included within a neighbourhood development plan.

The issues and options paper of the RASA DPD, which was consulted upon between 12 June and 28 July 2017, presented a number of potential options for the scope of the document, that is, which parishes should be included within the plan. These options are dependent on the current progress of the neighbourhood development plan within the parish at April 2017. It also presented options regarding the range of policy topics which could be included, such as settlement boundaries, housing and employment allocations and primary shopping areas.

You can view a consultation statement highlighting the issues and options stage including a summary of responses received.

The next stage in the preparation of the Rural Areas Site Allocation DPD will be public consultation on settlement boundaries and site allocation options within those settlements included within the plan. This will start in April/May 2018.

Bromyard area call for sites

Policy BY1 of the Local Plan Core Strategy (LPCS) identifies Bromyard as an area that will accommodate around 5 hectares of new employment land in the plan period to 2031. Herefordshire Council is now seeking suitable sites in the Bromyard area which can potentially contribute to the delivery of this.

To submit a site for consideration, please visit Bromyard call for sites.

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