Residents' parking permits

These permits help us to manage parking in particular areas for residents and their visitors in order to give them a better chance of parking close to where they live or are visiting.

You can have a maximum of two permits in total per household in schemes introduced before 1 October 2013 and a maximum of five permits in total per household in schemes introduced from 1 October 2013 - the exact number is detailed in each scheme. Any change to the number of permits allowed per household would require a change to the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) as the number of permits allowed is detailed within the individual TROs.

We operate residents' parking schemes in:

  • Bromyard
  • Colwall
  • Hereford
  • Leominster
  • Ross on Wye

Costs of permits (per household) which includes the visitor's permit:

  • First permit £30
  • Second permit £30
  • Third permit £75
  • Fourth or fifth permit £100 each

To change the vehicle registration number on your vehicle permit there is a cost of £10.

View the parking permit terms and conditions and policy 2017 and parking privacy notice

Before starting an application for a permit, please check the residential parking permit zone for your property.

Download a residents' parking permit application form