Senior management team

Chief executive (Head of paid service)

The chief executive of Herefordshire Council is Alistair Neill.

The chief executive is the senior officer who leads and takes responsibility for the work of all directly employed staff of the council.

The role of the chief executive includes:

  • Leadership: working with elected members of the council to ensure strong and visible leadership and direction. Encourages and enables managers to motivate and inspire their staff to meet agreed objectives and outcomes to improve the quality of life for the people of Herefordshire
  • Strategic direction: ensuring that all employees understand and adhere to the strategic aims of the organisation and follow the direction set by the elected members and the senior management team
  • Policy advice: acting as the principal policy adviser to the elected members of the council on the development of workable strategies to help deliver any political objectives set by the councillors
  • Partnerships: leading and developing strong partnerships with other public services, businesses and voluntary groups across the local community to improve the quality of life and offer better public services for the people of Herefordshire
  • Operational management: overseeing and co-ordinating financial and performance management, risk management and change management within Herefordshire Council

The council is divided into three directorates:

The strategic director for each directorate is based at Plough Lane alongside the Chief Executive.

Director for adults and wellbeing

The director for adults and wellbeing oversees:

  • Adult social care
  • Strategic housing and homelessness
  • Public health
  • Communities
  • Safeguarding and transformation

Director for children's wellbeing

The director for children's wellbeing oversees:

  • Safeguarding and social work services including child protection and looked after children
  • Children with disability social work services
  • Adoption and fostering services
  • Learning and achievement services for schools and colleges
  • Schools admissions and strategic commissioning of transport services
  • Special educational needs services
  • Early years services including children's centres
  • Integrated youth support
  • Parenting and family support

Director for economy, communities and corporate

The economy, communities and corporate directorate ensures that Herefordshire's communities are sustainable and prosperous and provide attractive, safe and well-managed places to live and work.

The director for economy, communities and corporate oversees:

  • Community and customer services
  • Corporate asset management
  • Economic, environmental and cultural services
  • Financial services
  • Human resources and organisational development
  • ICT strategy
  • Legal and governance services
  • Place based commissioning

Other senior posts

Director for public health

The director for public health oversees:

  • Delivery of public health agenda
  • Health improvement
  • Consultant contracts
  • Maintaining the relationship with the health and wellbeing board
  • Health and public protection
  • Public health advice to Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group

She reports to the director of adults and wellbeing.