Filming in Herefordshire

"I produced 'Midwinter of the Spirit' in spring 2015. Herefordshire Council were very helpful in securing some logistically difficult locations right in the heart of Hereford. Road closures and requests for lighting positions, traffic management - everything was dealt with quickly and efficiently and in a well-co-ordinated manner. The surrounding areas offered a huge variety of locations, from pretty villages, churches and farms to more industrial. The whole thing was a very positive experience."
Phil Collinson, Producer of Midwinter of the Spirit for ITV Drama

Herefordshire Council is a member of Creative England's Filming Partnership network, welcoming filming to Herefordshire and ensuring cooperation and commitment to assist film and television production. Creative England works for and on behalf of the British Film Institute and the UK Government, to promote and support production companies using Herefordshire both nationally and internationally.

We provide a general licence to film on the highway or on council land, however you need to notify us using the filming in Herefordshire online form. As a condition of this licence you must:

  • Hold public liability insurance to a value of £5 million
  • Not impede traffic, livestock or pedestrian flow on the highway

This confers no rights or permissions to film people or their property. You may not present this as the council giving you permission to film.

Register your Herefordshire location

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