Residential and nursing care homes

Finding the right care home for you or your loved one can be a difficult decision. There are some key things that you need to think about before taking the next steps.

  • Do I need a care home?
  • What type of care do I want?
  • How do I find a care home in my area?

Do I actually need a care home?

It may have been suggested that you need a care home or you have considered moving to a care home because of an accident or some other event, but you have a choice and there may be other options available to you. Make sure you look into all the options, seek advice, and make the right decision for you.

Some of the other options may include:

  • Adapting your home to make life easier
  • Getting someone to help you with things that are becoming difficult
  • Supported living, where you can live independently but with support in your home

What type of care home do I want?

Not all care homes are the same and some can offer different types of care, so it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you. You have different options:

Type of care home What they offer
Residential care homes 24 hour support, help with personal care. Some homes specialise in support for older people, people with learning disabilities or mental health.
Nursing care homes Sometimes called care homes with nursing 24 hour care, personal care as well as assistance from qualified nurses.
Care homes with dementia care Sometimes called elderly mentally ill (EMI) homes. They are designed to make people with dementia feel comfortable and safe.
Dual-registered care homes They accept residents who need both residential care and nursing care. This means that someone who initially just needs personal care but later needs nursing care won’t have to change homes.

How do I find a care home in my area?

Visit a few to get an idea of what they’re like and whether the home will suit your need.

All local care homes can be found on the Care Quality Commission (CQC) website and you will be able to see their recent CQC inspection.

All local care homes can also be found on WISH (Wellbeing Information and Signposting) 

Paying for residential or nursing care

Always seek advice about your care options and the costs - please visit our Paying for care section for more information.