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Severe weather conditions - Flooding

Herefordshire is experiencing significant and widespread flooding. Please avoid any unnecessary travel and do not enter flood water.

What your Council Tax pays for

Herefordshire Council is funded by a combination of grants from Government, local Council Tax, local business rates and charges for some council services. This year we will spend £376 million providing services to residents and businesses in Herefordshire. Your Council Tax contributes £104 million to the money we have to spend. The remaining £272 million is funded by business rates, government grants and charging for some services. Among the services provided by the council, your Council Tax contributes to:

  • Adult social care
  • Planning
  • Waste collection and disposal
  • Children and young people's services
  • Highways and transportation
  • Cultural and community services

Where our money comes from - 2019/20 gross budget £376 million

Pie chart showing allocation of gross budget for Herefordshire Council 2019-20

Precepting authorities

Your Council Tax bill is made up of several different elements as Herefordshire Council also collects on behalf of other organisations. These organisations are known as 'precepting authorities' and include:

  • West Mercia Police
  • Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Authority
  • Parish and town councils

We have a statutory duty to collect charges levied by these precepting authorities but we have no control over the level of increase or how these organisations choose to spend their budget.