Joint University Delivery Board

As part of the Joint University Delivery Board (JUDB), Herefordshire Council has worked in collaboration with the New Model in Technology & Engineering (NMiTE) to develop proposals and bid for funds on behalf of the Herefordshire Tertiary Education Trust.

The membership of the JUDB comprises six voting members as follows:

  • Herefordshire Tertiary Education Trust (HTET) Trustee/Sponsor
  • HTET Trustee
  • HTET Company Secretary
  • Herefordshire Council (HC) lead cabinet member
  • HC chief executive
  • HC director economy, communities and corporate

Now part-funding has been secured for the new city-based campus (including halls of residence and faculty buildings), the project board will review its objectives.

Please note - the most recent board meeting took place in May 2018. There have been no meetings since then to allow officers to progress work streams in relation to the university.

Download terms of reference and meeting minutes