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Make a neighbourhood planning application

There are a number of application forms and checklists to assist parishes in submitting the correct documents and details during the various stages of producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan, Neighbourhood Development Order or Community Right to Build Order.

Designate a neighbourhood area - App NP1

The 'neighbourhood area' is the area to which a proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan or Neighbourhood Development Order will relate. Before you can make applications for neighbourhood plans, neighbourhood development orders or Community Right to Build Orders, your parish must first have neighbourhood area designation. Your parish council needs to apply to Herefordshire Council using the neighbourhood area application form (NP1). See also the guidance on designating a neighbourhood area.

Checklist NDP1 - Pre-submission checklist for a Neighbourhood Development Plan

This pre-submission checklist has been produced to assist parishes in undertaking the necessary pre-submission consultation and publicity within the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (section 14).

Checklist NDP2 - Submission of a Neighbourhood Development Plan

This submission checklist has been produced to assist parishes in submitting the appropriate documentation and details with their plan to Herefordshire Council for examination (section 15).

CrTB1 - Community Right to Build application form

When undertaking a Community Right to Build Order, your proposal must be within a designated neighbourhood area. 

If your neighbourhood area has already been designated, your community group will need to complete the Community Right to Build Order Application Form (CRtB1). Find out more about Community Right to Build.