Herefordshire LEADER grants

The Herefordshire LEADER Programme provides grants (funded by the European Union and managed by DEFRA) to rural businesses in the county. These can be used for farm diversification, tourism, cultural and heritage activities, forestry and other rural services. Qualifying small and micro businesses, social enterprises, voluntary organisations, community groups and parish councils in rural Herefordshire can apply for grants of up to £35,000. Larger grants may be available for exceptional projects. You will need to self-finance 60 percent of the project costs and grants can only be used to cover capital costs and not training, skills development, printing, or running costs.

You can read more information on previous LEADER projects in our VITAL Herefordshire LEADER booklet or take a look at some of the current successful LEADER funded case studies  showing  the variety of projects that can be funded through the LEADER grants currently available.

The programme provides grant funding to support:

  • Micro and small enterprises, including farm diversification
  • Rural tourism
  • Increasing farm productivity
  • Increasing forestry provision
  • Provision of rural services
  • Cultural and heritage activities

The Herefordshire LEADER programme is currently open for applications.

LEADER is a two stage process - 

You will need to request and fill in an expression of interest/outline application, referring to the Herefordshire LEADER handbook. If your project qualifies, we will invite you to submit a full funding application.

To request an outline application form, please email

Herefordshire LEADER Local Action Group

LEADER is a European grant funding programme which forms part of the Rural Development programme and is managed by Defra. At a local level funding is delivered by a Local Action Group (LAG) and an Accountable Body - Herefordshire Council.

Local Action Group members

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