Public green spaces community grant

This grant supports Herefordshire Council's aim to dispose of non-strategic assets. This small and limited fund will support town and parish councils in Herefordshire to demonstrate that they have the ability to maintain and enhance a green space with the view to a long term asset transfer. The scheme supports projects that have community involvement and impact. Where a lengthsman scheme is in place this grant will aim to provide a complementary opportunity.

Types of projects that could be supported:

  • Equipment to maintain green spaces
  • Appropriate protective equipment and equipment maintenance tools
  • Pay for contracted services to maintain green assets

Who can apply?

Town and parish councils are the only organisations who are able to apply. For further information or guidance please contact Spencer Grogan, parks and leisure commissioning manager on 01432 260397 or email

How will I know if our project is eligible?

Each project should:

  • Take place and benefit people in Herefordshire
  • Demonstrate good value for money
  • Involve the community
  • Improve or maintain public green spaces (excludes verges along the trunk roads and motorways in the county (A40/M50/A49 apart from the stretch of the A49 in Hereford from Holmer to Grafton)
  • Clearly demonstrate how safety risk will be assessed and mitigated
  • Clearly demonstrate how the project will be maintained and be sustainable in the future

How much can we apply for?

There are limited funds available, but we can offer up to 75 percent up to a total maximum of £2,000. Please note that this is a one-off grant for the purchase of equipment and cannot be used for any ongoing costs such as maintenance, insurance and fuel.

How to apply

Apply for the grant

Email completed forms to by 12 noon on 25 October 2019.

We will aim to make a decision within four weeks. Grants will be subject to the availability of funding as there is a limited amount.

What happens then?

After acknowledging receipt of your application, it will be considered by an independent panel made up of representatives from the relevant council service area, Cabinet member for commissioning, procurement and assets, highways and traffic and a representative from Balfour Beatty Living Places.

Based on the information in your application, the panel can make one of four decisions:

  • Offer a grant
  • Offer a grant with some specific conditions
  • Request further information from you to help decision making
  • Not approve the application, although we will provide reasons for not awarding funding

When can we start the project?

Similar to most other grant providers, if we make a grant offer to you, we will send you an offer letter setting out how much is offered, along with any specific conditions. We will also issue you with a licence to maintain the public green space. If you are happy to accept the grant offer and associated conditions, you will need to sign and return the copy offer letter. Once you've sent this back, you can then start your project. You should keep all financial paperwork relating to your project, such as all invoices, receipts, cheque stubs and bank statements.

How is the grant paid?

The grant will only be released to you when you send the paid invoices related to your project together with your final report and evidence of achievements. You should bear in mind that you will need to pay the invoices first, before you claim the grant money. Invoices that are dated before the date of the offer letter will not be eligible, which is why your project should not start until you have accepted the offer.

If you fail to meet any of the conditions set out in our grant letter after we have released payment or your project is discontinued or fails to achieve its targets, we may request part or all of the funding to be returned.