You will need a permit if you wish to use a commercial type vehicle or a trailer larger than 1.3m in length to take your household waste at one of our household recycling centres.

See if you need a CVT permit for your vehicle

You need to apply for a permit before you go. As it can take up to 10 working days to get your permit, make sure you apply in plenty of time.

Apply for a CVT permit

Supporting evidence for application

  • A copy of the vehicle registration document
  • A letter of authorisation from the company that owns the vehicle
  • A vehicle hire agreement form issued by hire company
  • A long-term lease agreement
  • A mobility agreement

Permit rules

  • A household can have up to 12 permits a year (April to March)
  • Permits are issued on a pro-rata basis from April to March. So, allowing for 1 permit per calendar month, if you applied in October you will receive 6 permits
  • Permits expire on 31 March of the financial year in which they were issued. We cannot accept them after this date, so you will need to reapply each financial year
  • You must give your permit to staff at the site when you get there
  • Each permit allows one visit at any time between April to March
  • If you need to make any changes to your permits, return the permits first and we will issue replacements
  • No business waste is permitted