Advice for landlords

Private housing accounts for more than 80,300 properties across Herefordshire, providing accommodation for over 178,000 people. Everyone in Herefordshire should have the opportunity to live in a safe and healthy home. We work with private landlords, tenants and home owners to improve the quality of people's homes.

We provide licences and accreditation for landlords and, if necessary, we can require repair or carry out improvements to residential property so that they meet minimum housing standards. You can find more about rights and responsibilities for both tenants and landlords on the government's private renting webpages

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Your rights as a landlord

Both landlords and tenants have specific rights under current law that regulates tenancy contracts. A landlord has the right to:

  • Draw up a contract and decide the conditions of tenancy
  • Charge a market rent on new lettings
  • Receive the rent when due from the tenant
  • Be informed of disrepair
  • Inspect a property for disrepair after giving appropriate notice in writing
  • Be given proper notice that the tenant wishes to leave

Keeping your property in good order

It is the owner's responsibility to maintain the property and to carry out repairs.

If as a landlord you ignore a tenant's request or refuse to carry out necessary repairs, the tenant may approach us for help and advice. An officer will discuss the details or arrange to visit. Where unacceptable hazards exist in the premises, we will contact the landlord to discuss the condition and the options available. Enforcement procedures are available where informal action is unsuccessful or inappropriate.

If you have any concerns over safety at a rented home and are a landlord or tenant, you can email or call 01432 261761 (we aim to respond to your enquiry within five working days.)

Landlord and agent accreditation

The Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme (MLAS) is managed by Homestamp on behalf of Herefordshire Council and other partners with the primary focus of accrediting professional landlords and agents across the Midlands. There's a range of benefits you can gain through being a member of MLAS. Being recognised as a professional landlord also provides assurance to prospective tenants, and gives you access to a range of advice, training and support.

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