Resources to improve access for disabled people


We can advise you on Braille production and produce Braille for you at both Grade One and Grade Two. Please note that one sheet of A4 paper typed with words will convert to around four sheets of A4 with Braille embossed on it.

Braille costs £8 per sheet (or part sheet) of A4 type and will take up to a week from date of request. We would ask that documents needing conversion are provided to us in Word documents free of any formatting.

Tactile images

We have the facility to produce tactile images. Tactile images are raised representations of artefacts, paintings or photographs for use by the blind and visually impaired. Simple images work best for conversion to tactile, but we can also advise and help you to simplify your more complicated images.

Tactile images start from £8 each.

Audio guides and other recordings

We also have the facility to make sound recordings. We use this ourselves to record artists talking about their work, and to create audio guides for the museum for use by blind or disabled visitors. We can produce a recording for you if supplied with a script.

Audio recording can be supplied in CD or MP3 format and costs £12 to produce per written page of A4 script. This includes our time to record, edit and produce the CD or MP3.

Please phone 01432 383383 or email for a quote or further advice on any of our services.