Herefordshire business e-bike and e-cargo bike grant scheme outcomes

Adobe Stock photo of black electric cargo bike parked outside a building

As part of the Covid recovery plan 2021 Herefordshire Council launched a scheme to offer grant funding to businesses to purchase electric bikes and electric cargo bikes. This scheme is now closed.

The scheme aimed to enable businesses to operate more efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner - improving air quality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and saving time during busy periods on the road network. E-bikes also provide a healthy travel option for employees.

As a result of this scheme 37 e-bikes (of which 7 were e-cargo bikes) were awarded to 32 businesses across Herefordshire.

Miles travelled on an e-bike instead of a car/van…

  • Average number of e-bike miles per week achieved by the scheme: 1555 e-bike miles
  • Average number of car/van miles saved per week by the scheme: 1584 car/van miles saved
  • Average number of e-bike journeys per week by each business: 19.8 journeys per week

Map of businesses awarded e-bikes

On this map you can view the businesses that were supported by the scheme.

Key outcomes and additional benefits

The scheme reduced the number of car/van journeys travelled and the associated carbon footprint of the businesses who received an e-bike, but the benefits of the e-bikes were much wider-reaching. The businesses also reported these key outcomes as a success…

Outcome: To promote and encourage low carbon transport solutions

  • Great advertising. Everybody wants to know about the bike, the business”
  • “Benefits: The amount of advertising and public awareness of the business. Yes the cargo bike works perfectly and helps me promote cycling in Hereford.”
  • “Very well received by everyone and a lot of other people interested in electric bikes and have had a look at ours.”
  • “On customer visits it has also opened up the idea and created discussions about the use of e-bikes, the benefits of using them and giving a first-hand experience to those that are considering buying one not to mention the delight customers have when we explain HCC awarded the grant to help us become more eco-friendly in Herefordshire, we are always sure to mention this was possible with your help.”

Outcome: Reduce traffic and improve air quality

  • “We found the bike to be useful for collecting parts and running other business errands which we had not originally planned for.”

Outcome: Help reach the carbon neutrality target by 2030

  • “The project has enabled us to reduce our use of petrol and diesel vehicles. Reducing our carbon footprint hugely.”

Outcome: Reduced fuel charges and vehicle maintenance charges to individual businesses and organisations

  • “I just got into the habit of using it and it saves me so much money. Especially since the petrol crisis”

Outcome: Support healthier travel choices for local workforce

  • “We have been huge advocates of the bike scheme and have lots of comments from businesses when we arrive on bikes.  We have found lots of cycling routes around the city that we were unware of.  Fitter, healthier and did not get as wet and cold as anticipated!”
  • “Really showed the benefit of e-bikes for the less athletic – you can really get exercise without the worry of some of the undulating hills of Herefordshire.”
  • “We certainly become more active and healthier.”

Additional benefits

The businesses also reported other benefits of the scheme including time saving; improved staff wellbeing, business opportunities and identifying additional ways of reducing car/van use.

  • “Didn't expect staff would enjoy journeys as much as they do and how much it reduces our old travel times.”
  • “We've been able to save costs on travelling time with no need to find parking and much quicker journeys especially during peak times.”
  • “Staff have enjoyed using the bike and just getting out in the fresh air seems to do everyone good.”
  • “It created customers.  People stopped us whilst out and about and asked us about who we were etc.”
  •  “Feel Good Factor’- it is a good thing to use the e-bike, that cannot be quantified on a form – it just is.”