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Herefordshire Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committees work to ensure the accountability and transparency of our decision making. We examine council policies and the delivery of services by the council and outside organisations, both before and after decisions are taken.

We scrutinise areas of concern across the council’s services, and have a statutory power to call in decisions – this means we can formally stop a decision being implemented so that we can investigate it further.

Meetings of the committee are held in public and open to anyone to attend. There is no automatic right to speak although the chairman can invite public participation. 

Since September 2012 there are two scrutiny committees:

Agenda papers and reports for the meetings of these committees are available from the pages above one week in advance of the meeting at council offices.

We do not deal with individual queries, complaints, planning or licensing applications. If you wish to make a comment, enquiry or report a fault, problem or complaint about a council service, please contact our customer services.

Who can join the overview and scrutiny committee?

The committee consists mainly of councillors. Their places are allocated in proportion to the political make up of the council. We can also co-opt non-councillors if necessary.

Can I get involved in scrutiny of the council's work?

You can suggest items for us to consider by emailing us at Please provide your name, address, telephone number and the details of the proposed item for scrutiny.

At our committee meetings, the chairman will ask the members of the public present if they have any issues which they would like us to investigate. If you wish to raise a matter, you will be asked to state the area of concern and provide a brief explanation. We will then research the issue and consider whether to investigate.

You do not have to attend a meeting to raise an issue. Any requests submitted by letter, email or phone before the meeting will also be reported at this point.

You can also submit a question for consideration at our meetings, as long as it’s directly related to an item on that meeting’s agenda.

Please submit your questions no later than two working days before the meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting your question will still be reported to the committee, and a written answer will be provided.

Please note that we are not able to discuss questions relating to personal or confidential issues, or individual planning or licensing applications.

What is a scrutiny review?

Sometimes we decide that a matter requires further scrutiny. We may take on this extra work ourselves, or commission a task and finish group to do a specific, time limited project on the issue in question.

These scrutiny reviews will look at what Herefordshire Council, an external organisation or partner, is doing well; what is not going so well; and how we can improve our service, based on the views of expert witnesses, members of the public, and best practice elsewhere.

If you require further information or have any information you would like the group to consider please contact us at

Where can I view scrutiny reviews?

Download and view scrutiny reviews from recent years from the list below:

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