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What is the cabinet and who are the cabinet members?

The cabinet is made up of between 3 and 10 councillors, appointed annually by the Council. The current cabinet consists of six members, including the leader of the council and the deputy leader, each responsible for a programme area as follows:

  • Corporate strategy and finance (Leader - Cllr AW Johnson)
  • Contracts and Assets (Cllr H Bramer)
  • Corporate Services (Deputy Leader – Cllr PM Morgan)
  • Health and wellbeing (Cllr GJ Powell)
  • Infrastructure (Cllr PD Price)
  • Transport and roads (Cllr P Rone)
  • Young People and Children’s Wellbeing (Cllr J Lester)

The chairman of general overview and scrutiny committee, chairman of health and social care overview and scrutiny committee, and political group leaders can attend cabinet in a non-voting capacity. In addition members may attend for items relevant to their ward.

All councillors are kept informed of the proceedings at cabinet by means of cabinet minutes and agenda which are published on this website.

Up to date information on items due to be considered by cabinet can be obtained by contacting governance services. You can view copies of cabinet papers in the Cabinet section. In compliance with the council's policy of reducing printing costs a very limited number of copies of the cabinet papers will be available at the meeting itself. You can purchase paper copies of the agenda from area offices.

The cabinet meets on specified Thursdays at 2pm in the council chamber at Shirehall unless otherwise publicised. Meetings of the cabinet are open to all councillors and the public subject to the usual restrictions with confidential or exempt items.

For further information contact governance services on telephone: 01432 260201 or 260635 or see the Cabinet section

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