Overpayment of benefit

If your claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction does not accurately reflect your circumstances then you could be overpaid.

This is why it is very important that you keep us updated about your circumstances so that we can make sure you are being paid the correct amount of benefit or are receiving the correct reduction. If your circumstances have changed then you must let us know here.

Report a change in your circumstances

Paying back an overpayment

If you are still entitled to Housing Benefit, we will deduct a certain amount from your weekly entitlement. Where you are no longer receiving benefit, we will send you an invoice for the amount.

Pay your invoice online

You can also pay your invoice via BACS, the details are:

  • Account number: 10313338
  • Sort code: 53-50-41

You must quote your 8 digit invoice number to ensure your payment is allocated correctly.

You can also pay by Direct Debit. If you would like to pay by Direct Debit, please download the direct debit mandate form, complete it and return it to the Revenues Team at invoices@herefordshire.gov.uk or by post to The Revenues Team, Revenues and Benefits, Plough Lane, Hereford, HR4 0LE.

Any Council Tax Reduction overpaid will result in you being issued with a new increased Council Tax bill which will advise you of your new instalments payable.

Check your claim is correct

You can check to see if the information we are basing your claim on is correct by registering to view your claim on online. If any of the details we hold do not match your current circumstances then you must let us know immediately, even if you are unsure as to whether it will make a difference to your entitlement.

Register your email address to get started.

Do I have to pay back an overpayment?

Yes. You will be expected to pay back an overpayment where:

  • It was your fault that we overpaid you, for example where you did not tell us about a change in your circumstances that would have affected how much benefit you were entitled to at the time
  • It was not anyone's fault, for example you had a pay rise in June, backdated to April and you could not have told us any sooner
  • You knew you were being overpaid benefit but you failed to inform us

We cannot ask you to pay back an overpayment, however, if:

  • It was our fault and you could not have realised you were being overpaid.

In all circumstances, we expect you to check your award letters and be aware of how much you should be entitled to based on the circumstances we say we are basing your award on. If the circumstances aren't correct in your award letter, you should let us know immediately.

I don't understand my decision letter

If you have received a decision letter from us telling you that you have been overpaid and you don't understand it, you can request reasons for our decision which we refer to as a "statement of reasons".

If you disagree with our decision then you can appeal against our decision. Find out more about appealing a Housing Benefit decision or appealing a Council Tax Reduction decision.