A fascinating photography exhibition looking at Herefordshire's hop picking heritage.

Herefordshire Life Through A Lens: ‘Stories From The Hop Yards’ showcases Derek Evans’ evocative photographs of hop pickers in Herefordshire, taken when hops were still picked by hand. This is the first stage in the project to make images from this valuable photographic archive more widely known and accessible. In this exhibition, Derek Evans’ photographs are complimented and contrasted with personal family photos taken during their hop picking 'holidays' and contemporary images made by photography students and migrant workers. Accompanying this exhibition is a film of the same name, which features many of the images you see here. However, this exhibition offers a viewer time to linger on individual images for much longer than we are able to in a film. We can notice the clothes and hairstyles which have long gone in and out of fashion. We have longer too, to notice the faces of the curious children, the Gypsy Roma people and the other workers, and although they still speak vividly to us and make their lives palpable to us, we must finally concede that the photographs have beautifully captured times and lives long gone. Made possible by money raised by National Lottery players, the project will bring the work of local photographer Derek Evans out of the archives and straight into the community.