Molly Bythell is a painter living in Hereford. Available is her first solo exhibition and will be an exciting mix of degree show and newly made painting.

Molly Bythell has recently exhibited in FBA Futures at the Mall Galleries London, that showcased outstanding art graduates of 2017, selected from across the country by members of the Federation of British Artists. As a woman painting women, Bythell manipulates the figure to allow it agency and joy, rather than being subject to male gaze. This is both enjoyable and liberating. Though connected to the traditions of figurative painting, she absorbs paint’s ability to abstract and reinvent recycled images, targeting an unorthodox representation of the body. The awkward figures pull the rug out from under usual stereotypes. They sit in images she takes from real life, that are distorted and exaggerated, to suggest an ambiguous narrative. Bythell enjoys painting the female figure, exploring its physicality and subversive beauty.