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Waste services charges consultation

Friday 20 January to Friday 3 March 2017

In common with councils across the country, we are facing significant financial challenges as central government strives to balance its budget and we must continue to take the difficult decisions needed to enable us to continue to deliver important services to our residents whilst delivering savings of £87m between 2010 and 2020. 

Significant changes have already been made to our waste management services over the past few years, including the change to alternate weekly collection, which have resulted in savings in excess of £500,000. As part of our ongoing work to ensure that our resources are used in the most efficient way we have reviewed the charges made for waste management services. The council has agreed that when we set charges we should ensure, where possible, that the charge covers the cost of delivering the service.

Who we are consulting

We want to hear from:

  • All residents
  • Charities
  • Care, residential and nursing home providers
  • All household residents who have used or will use the large item collection service

We're seeking your views on the proposed changes which cover the following service areas:

  • Tip permits for charitable organisations
  • Large item collections (furniture, domestic appliances etc)
  • Household bin swaps and replacements
  • Charging residential, care and nursing homes for waste and recycling collections

Take part in the consultation

Complete the online questionnaire

You can also complete a questionnaire at any of the council's customer service centres or download a questionnaire to print, complete and send to us at FREEPOST AWC.

If you need help to understand this document, or would like it in another format or language, please email:


Please note that any information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be used for the purposes described above. It will not be shared with any other parties. Any comments provided may be included in anonymous form in any published results.

Your personal information will be held and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The council will not disclose such information to any unauthorised person or body but where appropriate, will use such information when improving its various functions and services. 

Dates and publication of results

The consultation will run from Friday 20 January until Friday 3 March 2017.

Results will be collated and published on this page in April 2017.

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