Review of Parliamentary constituencies in England - 2023

The Boundary Commission for England has now concluded the 2023 Review of Parliamentary constituencies in England, and submitted their final report and recommendations. 

You can access via the links below the content of that report and recommendations, together with various data files. You can also view an interactive map of the recommendations at

The Government will draft an Order containing the recommendations of all four Parliamentary Boundary Commissions. Once that draft Order is approved by the Privy Council, the new constituencies will be used for the next UK General Election following that date (for any by-election that may take place beforehand, existing constituencies are used).

What this means for Herefordshire

We have parliamentary constituency changes to two wards within Herefordshire. Seven polling districts have been affected by these changes which means the electorate within these parishes/parish wards will now vote in a different constituency. The changes are as follows:

Now voting in North Herefordshire constituency
(previously Hereford & South Herefordshire)

  • Hereford (Victoria Park) Parish Ward
  • Hereford (Racecourse) Parish Ward

Now voting in Hereford & South Herefordshire constituency
(previously North Herefordshire)

  • Bishopstone Parish
  • Bridge Sollars Parish
  • Byford Parish
  • Kenchester Parish
  • Mansel Gamage Parish