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Fastershire broadband strategy

To deliver the vision of the broadband strategy 2019-22 the objectives are as followings:

  • Coverage - to continue to increase superfast broadband coverage across Herefordshire and Gloucestershire through a mixture of contracts and grants, opting from Gbps capable or full-fibre broadband where value for money allows
  • Inclusion - to support residents and businesses to make the most of the broadband network through skills training, awareness raising and enabling community led schemes
  • Innovation - to continuously drive innovation in addressing the ambitions of broadband coverage in working with partners, funders, suppliers and the community
  • Monitoring - to ensure the maximum results from the work of suppliers by monitoring the contracts and driving value for money in deployments
  • Partnerships - to productively work with suppliers, parish and town councils on effective communications, with local authority departments to co-ordinate the approach to deployment, and planning authorities to ensure new premises have broadband connectivity
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