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Material / item
Cement bonded asbestos,
How to recycle / dispose
Must not be placed in any domestic recycling or waste bins.
Find your local tip and recycling centre
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Asbestos is a hazardous substance and has health implications. Herefordshire householders with cement bonded asbestos products from their own homes can take it to either Hereford or Leominster Household Recycling Centre. 

For advice on disposing of materials containing, or believed to contain asbestos or information about asbestos in the workplace please contact environmental health, or ring the Household Recycling Centre before visiting for advice, and to ensure they have capacity to receive it.

Tips and recycling centres which receive asbestos will only accept it if it is double bagged or wrapped in plastic sheeting and sealed. When you arrive at a household recycling centre you should identify to a site assistant that you wish to dispose of asbestos before starting to unload.

 Any material deposited must be able to fit into the container openings which measure 84cm by 158cm. 

Businesses wanting to dispose of these items must arrange a collection through a private contractor.