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The cremation fee includes: use of the service chapel for 30 minutes, the organ, digital music, attendance after the coffin is placed on the catafalque, a certificate of cremation, a cardboard urn and/or burial or scattering of cremated remains (unattended) in the crematorium gardens. Professional display screens are available for photo tributes.

Note: An organist, if required, must be arranged by the funeral director or family. All music, webcast and photo tributes must be arranged directly with Obitus. Contact the crematorium office if you require any assistance.

Cremation type Cost
Cremation of a child whose age did not exceed 18 years No charge

Cremation of a person over 18 years (plus Medical Referee)
9am cremation service time (plus Medical Referee)

Cremation of a body part (plus Medical Referee) £60
Medical referees and administration of cremation paperwork £26
Miscellaneous cremation charges Cost
Saturday surcharge £220
Supply of a coffin bearer £25
Coffin in early (8.15am - 8.30am) on request of either the funeral
director or family
Wooden cremation casket £60
Token urn in gold/pewter/gunmetal £33
Heart in gold/pewter/gunmetal £41
Small urn in gold/pewter/gunmetal £37
Adult urn in gold/pewter/gunmetal £85
Packaging for cremated remains and use of courier service £144
Unattended burial of cremated remains in the Garden of Remembrance,Millennium Garden or scattering in the Garden of Reflection following their return 12 months after cremation £31
Attended burial of cremated remains in the Garden of Remembrance and Millennium Garden or scattering in the Garden of Reflection £79
Duplicate certificate of cremation £13
Cremation search fee No charge
Chapel fee for extended service - (when available) £105
Use of crematorium chapel for memorial service £178
Mortuary storage - per night £30
Collect cremated remains at 9am only on a Saturday, by prior arrangement £86
Replacement cardboard urn £3.60
Green bag £3.60