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Hereford Crematorium

Hereford Crematorium,
Westfaling Street,
HR4 0JE 

Contact us

Telephone: 01432 383200


Opening times

Hereford Crematorium and cemetery grounds

Summer - 1 April to 31 October - Open every day 9am to 8pm

Winter - 1 November to 31 March - Open every day 9am to 4.45pm

Crematorium office

Open Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm

Book of Remembrance Room

Open every day 9am to 4.45pm

  • Chapel seating up to 120 with standing room available
  • Chapel organ
  • Sound system incorporating hard of hearing loop, which can be used to play CDs
  • Projectors to display photographs or short videos on the front chapel wall
  • Car parking
  • Accessible toilets
  • Waiting room
  • Book of Remembrance Room


Memorial options

There are three memorial gardens where cremated remains can be interred or scattered and memorials laid or dedicated:

There is also the Book of Remembrance Room, which holds the Book of Remembrance containing memorial entries.

Garden of Remembrance

This is an area where cremated remains can be are interred. It is adjacent to the main car park to the right of the crematorium driveway.

The garden is designed to create an atmosphere of peace and serenity. It includes a more formal area with initial pathways flanked by kerbs displaying bronze and granite memorial plaques. There are designated areas for memorial vases to be placed with the plaques.

The paths lead to a more informal area, with memorial trees and benches and a lawn where cremated remains are interred.

Garden of Reflection

This is an area where cremated remains can be scattered on a lawn area within the garden. The garden is situated to the left of the crematorium. 

The grass in the garden is allowed to grow naturally and will be sown with wild flowers. Cremated remains can also be placed by a memorial tree within a memorial vault. Granite memorial plaques can be purchased and positioned on a variety of memorials, including granite books and benches, a birdbath pedestal memorial and kerb memorials.

Please contact the crematorium office for more information.

Millennium Garden

This garden was created in the year 2000 to provide an additional area for the interment of cremated remains and for memorials including individual or double memorial vaults and memorial vase blocks.

Enter through the ornate wrought iron gates via the cemetery or from opposite the crematorium.

Burial areas
  • Dedicated lawn section
  • Jewish section
  • Children's section
  • Cremated remains section
  • Disabled parking close to crematorium chapel
  • Fully accessible
  • Hard of hearing loop in chapel
Fees and charges

All local authority-managed crematorium and cemeteries are subject to standards and conditions called Regulations. A cemetery and crematorium is a place for peace and reflection and it is also a workplace. Accordingly, we ask all users of the service to respect the needs of others and to follow these guidelines.

Bereavement services regulations