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Dangerous wild animals licence

It is an offence to keep any animal listed in the Schedule of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 (Modification) (No2) Order 2007 without a dangerous wild animal licence with the exemption of zoos, circuses, pet shops or certain other exemptions.

About this licence

We have a duty to determine that an applicant is a suitable person to hold a licence to keep a dangerous wild animal.

To apply for a licence you must be age 18 or over and you must not be disqualified under certain other statutes from keeping or having custody of animals.

Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976


Licence Fee 2019/20
Grant/renewal 2 year £450 plus vet fees

Additional fees

Licence Fee
Change of business name £15.50
Transfer £44
Variation £164 plus £180 if committee/panel hearing required
Copy of licence £15.50
Application and guidance notes
Processing and timescales

We will advise each applicant about the application process. We cannot give a timescale because an outside agent may be involved.

Validity and renewals

Licences are valid for two years

Licences will come into force immediately upon their being granted, except for renewals of a licence applied for before the expiry of the licence they are to replace, in which case the subsequent licence will come into force from the date of expiry of the licence it replaces.

Providing the renewal application is submitted before the expiry date of the licence, the existing licence will remain effective until such time as the renewal application is determined.

You will receive a written reminder approximately two months before your licence expires.

You should reapply for your licence before it expires.

Changes to a licence

There is no variation or transfer procedure. You should apply for a new licence if you wish to change address or keeper.

You must contact us to discuss any proposed changes to either the layout of the premises and/or the number or type of animals kept.

The licence applies only to the premises named on the licence and to the licence holder.

Once you have been granted a licence to keep a dangerous wild animal it will remain your responsibility to inform the licensing section of the death or other disposal of that animal.

If the licence holder dies, the licence shall continue for 28 days as if it had been granted to the personal representatives of the deceased. After 28 days the licence expires, unless application is made for a new licence within that time, in which case it continues, until the new application is determined.

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Contact details

If you wish to speak to a licensing officer the opening times are 9.30am to 1.30pm.

  • Telephone: 01432 261761 (All calls are dealt with by our contact centre staff and are allocated to an officer who will take action on the service request between one to five working days)
  • Fax: 01432 261982
  • Email:
  • Address: Licensing Section, Herefordshire Council, 8 St Owen Street, Hereford HR1 2PJ