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Temporary changes to a public right of way

There is a legal duty for public rights of way to be accessible at all times. Therefore if you wish to close or obstruct a path for any time you will need to make an application for a temporary path closure, stating the reason and alternative arrangements for path users.

Public rights of way can be temporarily closed for a variety of reasons such as special events, maintenance works or construction works. Paths can remain closed for periods of time ranging from one day to six months. It is always preferable for the applicant to provide an alternative route for path users if possible.

There are three types of closure order:

  • Special events closure
  • Five day closure for works
  • Six month temporary closure

Special events closures

  • Can last for up to three days
  • Only one such closure can occur on a public right of way per year
  • We require at least three weeks' notice to prepare and seal the Order
  • There may be a charge for such event closures
  • Application form for a special event closure

Five day closure for works

  • Issued where works are proposed to be executed on or near a public right of way and it may be necessary for the safety and convenience of path users to close the footpath
  • Under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 section 15(7) a path can be closed for this purpose for up to five days
  • There is a charge for such closures (currently £250)
  • We require a minimum notice period of seven days before the path is to be closed in order to prepare notices
  • A five day closure notice cannot be extended other than by arranging for a six month temporary closure order (see below)
  • Application form for a five day closure

Six month temporary closure

  • Issued when a five day closure will not be sufficient to carry out maintenance or construction works
  • At least six weeks' notice must be given for these orders (unless it is an extension to the above five day notice)
  • There is an administration cost which includes the costs of two newspaper advertisements as the path is going to be closed for such a long period (currently £1,300)
  • If works are not completed before the six month closure expires a further closure can be granted
  • We require six weeks' notice to process the extension application
  • Application form for a six month closure

For further information please contact our contractor using the details below. Please note that a fee is normally payable for all such closures and for extensions to existing orders, to cover administrative costs and any advertising that is required.

  • Telephone: 01432 261800
  • Online: Contact us form
  • Address: Public Rights of Way Section, Unit 3, Thorn Business Park, Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Hereford HR2 6JT

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