Material / item
Cardboard and cards
Cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, ready meal boxes, corrugated and thick cardboard boxes, egg boxes, kitchen and toilet roll tube, cardboard sleeves, greeting cards without glitter, Christmas cards, postcards
How to recycle / dispose
Break large cardboard boxes into smaller pieces, remove any plastic inserts or polystyrene and packing tape. No glitter. Cardboard soiled with grease must go in domestic waste - black bin.
Green bin
Clear recycling bag
Black bin or black sack
Yes - cardboard soiled with grease. Cards with glitter.
Other options
Home compost or reuse cards to make gift tags. Large amounts of cardboard - for example packing boxes, can be taken to the local tip for recycling.
Find your local tip and recycling centre
More information

Once soiled with grease, cardboard and card cannot be recycled because the fibres cannot be separated from the oils during the recycling process. Place soiled cardboard in domestic waste.

Cards can be cut and reused as tags or cards; cards and postcards can donated to playgroups or schools willing to take them.


Where else to recycle

Check your nearest alternative locations to recycle this item on RecycleNow.