Material / item
Newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, catalogues and brochures, junk mail and leaflets, letters, greetings cards, paperback books, envelopes, flyers, brown paper
How to recycle / dispose
Keep paper flat. Remove plastic wrappers or attached gifts. You can leave windows in envelopes and staples in magazines. These will be removed in the recycling process. Please do not include tissue, toilet roll, paper towels, shiny wrapping paper or shredded paper.
Green bin
Clear recycling bag
Black bin or black sack
Paper which can't be recycled only
Other options
Take hardback books to a charity shop or book bank. You can compost your shredded paper at home.
Find your local tip and recycling centre
More information

Paper which can't be recycled

The following types of paper can't be recycled. Please place them in your domestic rubbish:

  • Wallpaper
  • Tissue paper
  • Toilet roll
  • Shiny wrapping paper
  • Shredded paper - compost at home or bag and place in general rubbish bin

If you take brown paper to the recycling centre, place it in the cardboard skip. 


Where else to recycle

Check your nearest alternative locations to recycle this item on RecycleNow.