Material / item
Paint or varnish containers
Emulsion paint tins or plastic tubs, gloss or solvent-based paints or varnish tins or containers
How to recycle / dispose
Take empty or partially empty paint or varnish tins or plastic tubs to your local recycling centre
Green bin
Clear recycling bag
Black bin or black sack
Other options
Local community groups, playgroups or charities will often welcome donations of useable paints. Some DIY stores may also take back unwanted paints.
Find your local tip and recycling centre
More information

Paints, varnishes and wood stains can contain hazardous chemicals or solvents including heavy metals. Do not pour paint down a drain.

Only the larger Household Recycling Centres at Hereford and Leominster will accept household chemicals and solvent based paints. If you wish to dispose of any chemicals it is advisable to contact the site in advance to ensure there is available capacity.

Check the label to see if the paint is water or oil based.

  • Emulsion and water-based paints can go in the rubbish not recycled container at the Household Recycling Centre
  • Gloss, varnish, solvent-based products must go in the chemicals area