Material / item
Clothes and textiles
Old clothes, sheets, towels, blankets,
How to recycle / dispose
Do not put in domestic recycling or waste.
Green bin
Clear recycling bag
Black bin or black sack
Other options
Recycle clean and reusable clothes at charity shops, clothing and textiles collection points at some tips and other locations. Unusable items can also be donated to charity shops as rags. Keep separate from good quality items and label as rags.
Find your local tip and recycling centre
More information

Reusable items of clothing can also be placed in textile banks at household recycling centres.

Duvets, cushions and pillows are rarely wanted by charities but can be used for upcycling into draught excluders or stuffing for arts and crafts projects.

Soiled duvets, and stuffed items or large quantities can be taken to household recycling centres and put in the rubbish not recycled container.

Reuse organisations in Herefordshire.

Where else to recycle

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