Material / item
Crisp and snack packets
Plastic "foil" packets, shiny plastic crisp and snack packets
Image of non recyclable plastics
How to recycle / dispose
These cannot currently be recycled and have to go in domestic waste. Alternatively you can find your nearest Terracycle drop off point, from where crisp/wrappers are collected and sent for recycling.
Black bin or black sack
Other options
Make your own crisps or snacks that can be stored in a reusable container. Love Food Hate Waste ( have lots of tasty recipes. Look for packets and wrappers you can compost.
Find your local tip and recycling centre
More information

Terracycle collect crisp/sweet wrappers for recycling. Check their website for your nearest drop off point.

Love Food Hate Waste for snack and crisps recipes.