Material / item
Plant pots, plant tubs
Plastic plant pots, plant trays, plant tubs,
How to recycle / dispose
Plastic plant pots that aren’t black in colour can be put in your recycling bin. Black plant pots can go in your black bin or sacks. Stone or terracotta pots need to be taken to the tip.
Black bin or black sack
Other options
Try and reuse where possible or see if a friend or family member could make any use of them. It’s worth checking your local garden centre as some offer plant pot take back schemes.
More information

Plastic plant pots can be placed in your recycling collection so long as they are not black. The optical scanners at EnviroSort do not recognise black plastic and, therefore, it cannot be separated.

Please wash plastic plant pots before recycling to ensure bits of compost and other garden residues do not contaminate other items in the recycling bin.

Alternatively, if you use terracotta plant pots they will be accepted at Household Recycling Centres in the ‘soil and rubble’ container