Purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial

From 11 April 2022

Exclusive right of burial for 50 years, including Deed of Grant.

Purchase type Cost
Exclusive right of burial in a standard grave £1,188
Exclusive right of burial of a child not exceeding 16 years in the children's section No charge
Exclusive right of burial of a child not exceeding 18 years in a standard grave No charge
The exclusive right of burial for a cremated remains plot £572
Purchase of an additional 50 years POA
Pre-purchase of exclusive right of burial in Leominster Cemetery only. This also applies if purchased as a memorial only £2,376

Where ownership of exclusive right of burial has been purchased and no remains are in the plot the ownership may be assigned back to the council with a refund payable of the years remaining on this ownership less the administration fee of £73.


For burial application forms please contact the Crematorium Office on 01432 383200 or email