Animal feed hygiene registration

Animal feed is an important part of the food chain and has implications for the composition and quality of livestock products that people eat, such as milk, meat and eggs.

As many contagious diseases are passed through the food chain, regular inspections are required for both producers and users of animal feed. Regulations ensure that animal feed is produced and used safely, and can be traced in the event of a food or feed safety incident.

Who needs to register

Businesses involved in the production, use, transportation, storage or marketing of animal feeds must be registered or approved by the council's trading standards service.

These businesses include:

  • Livestock farms
  • Arable farms growing crops for feed use
  • Companies that transport or store animal feed
  • Food manufacturers selling by-products of food production into the feed chain
  • Retailers and wholesalers of animal feed (excluding pet food in certain circumstances)
  • Pharmacists who supply mineral and vitamin supplements for animals.
  • Importers of animal feed

Explanation of the activities requiring registration

Feed hygiene requirements

EC Regulation 183/2005 contains various conditions which feed businesses will have to comply with. These are set out in a number of annexes to the Regulation, as follows:

  • Annex I. This covers provisions applicable to businesses involved in primary production (for example farms). It includes general hygiene and record keeping requirements
  • Annex II. This applies to businesses operating other than at the level of primary production. It contains standards relating to facilities, personnel, record keeping, quality control, storage and transport
  • Annex III. This is a code on feeding food-producing animals, which livestock farmers will have to comply with

The regulation will require feed businesses to put in place and operate procedures based on the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). It provides a documented, structured approach to ensuring feed safety and places a requirement on businesses to identify, manage and control hazards essential in the handling and production process. Feed businesses involved in primary production will not be required to apply HACCP (except for farms which buy-in and use feed additives and premixtures).

Feed hygiene registration annexes 1 to 3

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Application and guidance notes
Processing and timescales

After submitting your completed application form you will receive confirmation of your unique registration number by post or email. You must keep this in your records for future reference.

Contact details
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  • Phone: 01432 261761
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