Child performance licence

We use performance licences to make sure that children's health, safety and education are not adversely affected if they spend significant amounts of time taking part in theatrical, film or television performances.

Where a child has a licence, they must also be accompanied at all times by a licensed chaperone. A chaperone is an adult who is responsible for the child's well-being at all times while rehearsing or performing. A child's parent can act as a chaperone only to their own child without holding a chaperone licence.

A child will need a licence if:

  • They are required to miss school
  • They are receiving any form of payment
  • They perform on more than three days in a six month period

Child performance licence exemptions

There are some cases where a child may be exempt from requiring a licence. School productions do not require children to be licensed because they are regarded as school activities. This does not include dance or drama schools, who must apply for licences, where necessary.

If none of the criteria listed above apply to a production, a child may be exempt from requiring a licence. This might be where they are involved in an amateur production. In this situation, the organisation producing the production must be registered with the local council and hold a body of persons approval

About this licence
Application and guidance notes

Apply for a licence

You will need to submit the following with your application:

  • A copy of the child's birth certificate
  • Two passport sized current photographs of the child
  • A copy of the contract, draft contract or other documents (where they exist) containing details of the agreement regulating the child's participation in the performance or activity
  • A letter from the family GP stating that the child or young person's health is adequate for them to take part (parental letter is required only for modelling assignments)
  • Where the production will affect the young person's school attendance, a letter from their head teacher authorising the absence
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