Cooling towers and condensers notification

If your business is situated in Herefordshire and you have either a cooling tower or evaporative condenser you will, if you have not already done so, need to register it with us.

Notification must be in writing (including by electronic means) on a form approved by the Health and Safety Executive.

You must notify us of any changes to the notification information within one month of the change, in writing.

If the device ceases to be a notifiable device you must notify us in writing as soon as possible,

About this licence
Application and guidance notes
Processing and timescales

It can take up to one month to process a notification for a cooling tower or condenser.

Contact us to view the public register.
Contact us in the first instance.
Contact details
  • Contact centre opening hours are Monday to Friday - 9am to 4.15pm
  • Telephone: 01432 261761 (all calls are dealt with my our contact centre staff and be allocated to an officer who will take action on the service request between one to five working days)
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  • Address: Environmental Health Commercial Team, Herefordshire Council, Plough Lane, Hereford HR4 0LE