Food premises approval

If your business manufactures or produces meat products, dairy products, fish products or minced meat or meat preparations, and you serve other food businesses, then your business may need to be approved by us. 

Examples of types of premises that need approval are:

  • Stand alone (for example not attached to a slaughter house) cutting plants or game handling establishments
  • Meat processing plants
  • Meat preparation plants
  • Minced meat processing operations and mechanically separated meat processing plants
  • Cold stores

Licensing of premises such as meat cutting plants, cold stores, and abattoirs is dealt with by the Food Standards Agency. Telephone 02920 825549.

The question of whether or not an approval is necessary is often extremely complex, contact us for advice.

About this licence

There is no charge.

Application and guidance notes
Processing and timescales

It can take up to 20 days to process an application.

It is in the public interest that we process your application before it can be granted and you should wait to receive an approval number.Contact us if you have not heard from us after 20 days.

Contact us in the first instance.
Contact details
  • Contact centre opening hours are Monday to Friday - 9am to 4.15pm
  • Telephone: 01432 261761 - (all calls are dealt with by our contact centre staff and are allocated to an officer who will take action on the service request between one to five working days)
  • Online: Contact us form
  • Email:
  • Address: Environmental Health and Trading Standards, Herefordshire Council, Plough Lane, Hereford HR4 0LE