Symptom-free rapid testing sites

Symptom-free testing is also known as lateral flow testing (LFT).

Around one in three people who are infected with Covid-19 have no symptoms. These people could be spreading the disease without knowing it.

Rapid testing using lateral flow test devices (LFT) is a fast and simple way to test people who are not showing symptoms.

Who is eligible?

We can offer regular rapid testing for all residents (aged 11 and over) who live or work in Herefordshire and who do not have any symptoms of Covid-19. Parents can have their children tested if they perform the swab on the child.

We recommend that you take a rapid test before a period of high risk such as in crowded and enclosed spaces, where there are more people who might be infectious and there is limited fresh air. If you test positive you will need to self-isolate in line with government guidance. This will help break the chain of transmission to others.

Do not use this service if you have any symptoms of coronavirus. This includes a high temperature, a new, persistent cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. If you are showing any symptoms, you must book a test.

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LFT kits are also available for collection or home delivery

At any symptom-free testing venue

  • Do not attend if you are symptomatic (the classic symptoms of Covid-19 include high temperature/fever, new/persistent cough or loss of taste or smell)
  • Face coverings must be worn unless exempt
  • Please observe all the social distancing and hand hygiene measures in place at the testing venue
  • One of our meet and greet team will welcome you and direct you to the registration desk, where you will be guided through the registration and testing process
  • For the registration process you will need to have a smart device (phone or tablet) with a camera function to scan a QR code. If you do not have a smart device, additional devices are available on site to use
  • Please note that to obtain a sample for us to test, you will need to self-swab (nose and throat swab) with the advice from a test assistant
  • To receive your results, you will need to input your mobile phone number, so ensure you have this to hand for the registration process

After the test

Once the test is complete, you can leave immediately and your results will be sent to you in a text message via the NHS Test and Trace service within one or two hours.

When you receive your results, please follow the advice provided.

If your test is positive

If your test is negative

  • A negative test is not a free pass to return to normality. Currently, the test picks up roughly two out of three people who have Covid-19 but do not have any symptoms. This means that although you test negative, you could still have the virus and infect others. You do not need to isolate but you still need to follow the current rules both inside and outside work
  • If you remain symptom-free ensure that you continue to get tested before a period of high risk
  • If you develop any Covid-19 symptoms, ensure you book a test online via the NHS or call 119

If your test is void

  • Please book another symptom-free test
  • If you do not receive your test result within 12 hours then you will need to have another test. For more information please see the official NHS guidance.

For further information or assistance with booking an appointment please contact the Herefordshire Council Outbreak Control Hub at or call 01432 383799.