Travellers' Sites Document pre-submission draft consultation

This consultation is closed.

The council is producing a Travellers' Sites Document as part of its Local Plan. This will focus on the accommodation needs of the Traveller community (Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Show People) up to 2031.

We completed a preferred options consultation in 2016 to identify potential sites. We made changes to the Development Plan Document (DPD) and this consultation asked for your views in terms of soundness of the draft DPD and the assessment of accommodation needs that has informed it.

To be considered sound, the DPD should be:

  • Positively prepared - including does it meet the development requirements and will they be sustainable
  • Justified - has it taken the right approach and is it based on reliable evidence
  • Effective - are the proposals deliverable
  • Consistent - are the policies in line with national planning policy

View the complete pre-submission draft document

A summary of the pre-submission draft document, together with other supporting documents is available below.

You can also read more about the background, Preferred options responses and key stages in the consultation.

What happens next?

The consultation ran from Monday 6 November to Monday 18 December 2017. 

  • All representations will be now be considered and provided no further work is required, the DPD, the supporting evidence, and all the responses received will be submitted to the planning inspectorate for public examination by a government appointed planning inspector
  • The planning inspector will chair round table discussions to discuss the issues raised with invited participants
  • The inspector will issue a report, and subject to the plan being found to be sound, it will be adopted by the council

If you have any questions about the Travellers' Sites consultation you can call us 01432 383357 or email us at


Published: Monday, 6th November 2017